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2012-10-23 14:22:03   Some issues here from what appeared to be verbal rage comments by a person claiming to be a manager. A hispanic male approached as I entered the store. I asked him if there was a female or non hispanic male I could discuss an item with, told him I experienced violence from a hispanic male at one time and that this request was not personal. He moved away and from his contorted facial expression appeared to lose control, then said, several times in a voice that was louder and louder, that I was rude to ask for a non hispanic male person. I felt his voice and energy were very aggressive to violent; however, he said this from a distance. I was assisted by another male and asked for the number to the regional manager. I was very upset and felt others in the store were, too. —.Thompson

Thompson, it would be very difficult for a manager or store owner to comply with your request. It would be officially condoning discrimination, potentially creating a hostile work environment. To say nothing of what your request says to the employee you spoke with. No business could reasonably accommodate your request, and it isn't surprising that an individual found it highly offensive. If you complain to the regional manager you will likely adversely affect his employment, and you were in fact, rude to ask for a "non hispanic male person." —DonShor

Welcome to the wiki btw Thompson, thank you for taking the time to share your comment. Daubert

Thompson, I find your words disheartening and offensive. Regardless of whatever tragic circumstance may have happened to you, it's no excuse for racism. If somebody pulled that kind of stunt on me, refusing to interact with me as a fellow human being because of my race, I would almost certainly "lose control", although that's not something I'm proud to admit. So if you choose to keep generalizing, you may as well add white males to your list of groups to fear and hate. —ScottMeehleib

Strikes me as discriminatory on .Thompson's part. Sad in this day and age. —PeteB