Me after taking a nasty spill while hiking at Cache Creek

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Are you proud of being Alaskan or of being out of state :) BryanBell

2005-03-07 00:50:35   Something! —BrentLaabs

Next year should be fun :) it'll be really interesting especially with the two of us speaking japanese.. itll be like our own secret language (that all of Japan, and other various parts of the world will be able to understand) —VickiLy

2005-03-19 12:37:54   Your story is a violation of your rights. They cannot pull over every car for no reason, they have to have some sort of "reasonable suspicion". While they can ask for them, no one but the driver has to give his ID to the officer. And they can only ask you to exit the vehicle, for again, "reasonable suspicion". Howevre as you have experienced, police will lie "you ran a stop sign" to get you to hand over your ID. However even if a cop lies, and you know it, it is smart not to argue as arguing should be saved for court. But yes, it is a civil rights violation. This is an example of the "slipper slope" civil rights are falling down in the name of fighting terrorism, eco and other. —JimSchwab

2005-06-12 17:04:47   Dude! That is a nasty gash! I hadn't seen this picture. Be safe out there. No more extreme walking for you. —JackHaskel

2006-07-07 01:53:33   I knew a girl in high school from Alaska and we always called her Alaska. Also, I love when you can tell who's up late and bored/productive on the wiki. —MichelleAccurso

  • Or up early... ;) —jw

2009-04-02 18:32:46   I represent some UCD students who are in litigation with Fountain Circle. Please contact me regarding some of your experiences there. —JohnH