Allan Rae rocks your socks off.

Personality: Al is Canadian. What more do you need?

Al has a website for his music, and was seen playing the local music circuit between 2003 and 2006. He frequented venues such as Delta of Venus and Cafe Roma as well as local parties and other events.

Al loved partying at various Davis houses such as the Turtle House, F and 6th, the Pirate Ship, and the Bomb Shelter. Al looks back fondly on those memories and all the interesting people he met throughout. He was a frequent visitor of fun events such as Robotmedia and Davis Music Scene shows in Kleiber 3.

Al enjoyed the many Davis Thai and Indian food restaurants, and being a movie and music buff. Al was an active member of CalPIRG at Davis, working on the Clean Air Act, and with a program called Hunger and Homelessness. Al was featured in the California Aggie several times including in a section called Aggie Style.

Al worked at Seminis Vegetable Seeds doing PCR assays on melon and watermelon seeds. He lived in Midtown Sacramento, and then moved to a Sacramento suburb with his wife, Lisa Rae. They met at UC Davis when Al was in the Lounge Lizards a capella group. Al's little, and much cuter, sister is Christina Rae.


Al rocks outAl being AlAl at The Pink House
Al partaking in UNCANNYAl playing musicAl at the Davis Farmers' Market's Pig Day



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2005-10-21 12:15:59   Sometimes Al rocks out with his cock out and people are all like "dude why is your cock out" and then he is like "Because I am rocking out" and then they feel silly. —GeoffJohnson

2007-06-07 12:49:25   I'm very sorry about Picatsso. Cars are of the devil. When I meet Henry Ford in hell, I'm gonna pop him one! —MattJurach

2009-09-23 12:31:35   ALAN RAE EH? ¬_¬ —StevenDaubert