The web site wrecker is still at it. He must not be entertained at all on this web site. He was encouraging people on another forum to wreck this web site and gloating over it.

- Waterways

Amit - Once again Waterways is deleting very relevant and legitimate content from the wiki. I have never deleted any of his work and I do not condone the other people who have spoilt the site. Please could you tell me how best to deal with waterways and report him, he has brought these people over from skyscrapercity because he's insulted people on there, thats why the wiki is targeted. Please tell me how to contact admin as waterways will repeatedly delete my content. - Keith Wyness.

Listen, this is getting beyind the joke. Amit when are you going to get a grip of this and ban waterways for repeated deletion of perfectly legitimate content? Where is the moderation on this site?


Deleted idiotic comments

2009-09-16 19:42:36   On multiple websites and forums Waterways has been banned by mods. He re-registers using an alternative/new user name and has had to be banned from forums 5 or 6 times. (JohnMK/February29/Waterways/Save Our Docks). HE IS POSING AS "STEVE" TO TRY TO GAIN ACCESS TO MOD RIGHTS. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!! —keithwyness