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Undergraduate ???? - ????.

Loves and highly recommends the Craft Center, Moshi Moshi, Thai 2k, Kim's Mart, Mondavi Center concerts, and DavisWiki... Also loves exploring new places, revisiting familiar places, making new friends, animals, making new friends with animals, tapioca drinks, food, music, and free things (like from fruit-bearing trees in Davis!).


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2009-08-07 22:43:51   Where do they have good tapioca drinks? —IDoNotExist

Compared to some of my friends, who seem to have much higher standards and/or more delicate tastebuds, I wouldn't say I'm much of a food connoisseur or food snob. But, as you can see, I don't have places like The Old Teahouse or Quickly listed under "highly recommends," mostly because my experiences with those two have been mixed and inconsistent. But I can say I've always enjoyed the tapioca in iced coffee or iced thai tea from Thai 2k. :) I haven't been to KetMoRee yet though. — AC

2009-08-07 23:33:41   Alas, Thai2K is gone. Maybe they have it at KetMoRee? —IDoNotExist

2010-01-30 10:20:48   Hey Amy, I know I'm replying to your comment a year and a half too late probably (haha) but no, Rita never stopped by unannounced. She would either call to let us know she'd be coming, or if she did come by, it was just to say hello or to repair something. I know a lot of my neighbors had issues, but I lived there for three years and thought it was fine. —AliPezeshkpour