I think the daviswiki is pretty cool, and I don't even know how to use it very well. I bet it would be more fun if I knew what was going on.

I'm kind of silly, you see. I don't like having my last name on the internet. I had an account with daviswiki a while ago to post stuff, but I don't know where it went. Maybe it was deleted because I didn't put my last name on there. Don't delete me this time, wiki people!

When I was younger, my Grandmother used to tell me "Don't meet internet people or give out information! They will murder you!"

My Grandma is a silly silly lady. I love her. Though, at times, I'm still a little scared of the internet. Thanks Grammy.

Since then, I have met SallyHensel and JillBenciWoodward from the internet, and I'm still here. I <3 both a lot.

I sometimes when I wonder around campus, and I see familiar faces, but I can't tell if they're from "REAL LIFE!!" or from internet land. If I'm with Sally, I usually whisper "I SEE INTERNET PEOPLE!" and we giggle and get a little freaked out.

I did a lot of the research found here: Housing Guide and Apartments and other people on the wiki did a good job adding more/making it look pretty since I don't have any decent html skillz. If you want further information about what I know about housing/apartments, let me know. I went around looking at apartments for about 1-2 months during my spare time. I've seen a lot of them and I took pretty extensive notes on the places I saw.

I'm pretty fun if you know me in real, non-digiform life.


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AFAIK, accounts are never deleted. - ArlenAbraham

I simply love your style of prose! It's so succinct and seemingly incoherent yet it holds. Write some more! - ChristopherMckenzie