Greetings! You must be really bored to even look at this page, since I do not participate in editing many pages on the Davis wiki. (This is something I take personal pride in.) An example of a conductor psuedo-pole dancing

Bare bones list:

UC Davis Senior ('09) Major: History, Enviromental Hort (greenhouse propagation), and possibly Education


old: Assistant for Plant Sciences at The Bowley Headhouse. (TA for PLB 1)

Current: Conductor for Unitrans. (See photo.)

Hobbies: Being Clumsy, Wiki-whoring, tteas, fantasy novels , and video games(DDR, Singstar, Pump it up, and Katamari)

Update: I have a plot now at the Experimental College Garden. I just need to find the time to weed it. And also find a roto-tiller (and possibly someone who can operate it without losing an appendage).


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2008-04-08 08:55:55   Hey, you can use the anti-spam filter by typing [[Mailto(something AT ucdavis DOT edu)]]. Which children's fantasy novels so you like? —JabberWokky

2010-02-19 12:02:57   Do you know if the local Shells are participating? That would be useful for your snow sports link. —JabberWokky