AnaLucia is a scientist at a local biotech start-up company. She was postdoc at the Scowlab. Don't mess with AnaLucia.

I graduated from the Ag-Chem Graduate Group. I was born in Hermosillo, in the state of Sonora, Mexico. I have been in Davis since August 2001.

I like italian food and foreign films. I listen to almost all kinds of music, but my all time favorites are U2 and the Thievery Corporation. I am crazy about OliverKreylos

You can learn more about me by going to my webpage:


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2006-01-07 00:27:45   Hi AnaLucia!!! —IrinaChakraborty

2006-03-11 16:22:44   Analucia is signing up at the ARC in the near future —IrinaChakraborty

2007-11-22 02:30:19   We miss Ana Lucia in the scowlab. —greatblue