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2011-10-27 16:11:59   Hey, Andrew, welcome to the Wiki! Thanks for contributing.

One major tip I always recommend to new editors is to use the Preview button before saving a page - look over the page that you’re about to create, and don’t save it yet if the page has major gaps in information, or has leftover information from the template, etc.

I look forward to seeing more of your contributions around the wiki. Hit me up (leave a comment on my user page) if you ever have a question about anything. —NicholasBarry

2011-11-03 13:56:16   Hey, Andrew,

To change a pagename, hit Edit, and then use the Rename button (near lower right side of page).

But I think in this case, "Historical Old Sacramento Foundation" is the right page name, since that's the formal name of the foundation - it's what they use on their logo. "Historical Old Sacramento" (without "Foundation" part of the name) would imply that the page was about Old Sac itself, rather than about the foundation. But the page is, in fact, about the foundation, so the page name is best as is. In fact, there is already and Old Sacramento page, which I just created a link to from the Historical Old Sacramento Foundation page. Does that help? —NicholasBarry

2011-11-03 14:12:49   Oh, I beg your pardon - I misunderstood the change you were looking for. You wanted the change to be from "Historical" to "Historic". I thought you wanted to remove "Foundation" from the page name. Got it now. —NicholasBarry