Andrew is a UCD alum (March, 2008) and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Psychology.

Andrew in March, 2006

He enjoys taking pictures, flying to/from the University Airport (he holds a private pilot certificate), tennis, speaking French, and riding his bike. Andrew has also taken occasional seasonal roles with UC Davis Summer Abroad, working as an on-site coordinator in 2009 and 2011 in Europe alongside UCD Lecturer John Stenzel and Professor Raquel Scherr, respectively.

Andrew began working as an IC photographer at the California Aggie in 2004. Shortly thereafter he was made a staff photographer and given regular assignments for the Aggie. He spent the equivalent of an academic year as the assistant photo editor and wrote for the Science and Technology desk from late 2007 to early 2008. Andrew was with the Aggie throughout his UCD career: Fall 2004 until Spring 2008. Andrew's photography work has included that for The California Aggie, CSS Photography (Sacramento), UC Davis Summer Abroad, California Beat (SF Bay Area), Groove Magazine (Seoul, South Korea), Incheon Now (Incheon, South Korea), and an aerial photography and survey company (California). He still freelances for Doorstep Photography, taking photos at corporate events throughout the Bay Area.

Andrew used to occasionally organize meetings for the photography club that he and Philip Neustrom co-created. It was unofficial and is no longer active under its former name. There may be other clubs that have since been formed.

Most recent photos: Photos from 2002 to 2007-ish: Travel blog:

After graduating, he spent August-December of 2008 in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), attending a MSc Program(me) in Linguistics at the University of Alberta. You think Davis winters suck? Winters in Edmonton (the the northern-most large city in North America) get down to -40C (same as -40F) and as low as -50 with wind chill. He returned to the SF Bay Area after finishing a semester at the University of Alberta, determined to travel more before buckling down for grad school. Andrew lived in Incheon, South Korea from February 2010 to February 2011, working as a GET (Guest English Teacher) in a Korean middle school and high school. He then taught high school for almost a year in Paris, France. As of 2013, he has been working at United Way in Santa Rosa, administering a five-county early grade reading initiative called Schools of Hope.


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2007-06-12 03:20:56   photography club aye lets get this ball rolling... —AlexMandel

2008-01-06 23:09:03   Hey good luck to you on getting in! So you were at the Aggie while I was still writing for it? Cool. —KarlMogel

2008-09-20 09:28:03   Daaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwg —GeoffJohnson