Andy spends too much time in a basement. The basement is lower freeborn, more specifically, KDVS, where in addition to broadcasting a radio show called "The Lewd Dance" Monday evenings 8-10pm he holds the KDVS Recordings label director position and records bands live on-air and off-air for future release. According to Rick Ele of "Art for Spastics"/DAM House in reference to the latest release he produced:

"This Majik Markers release is their first actual CD that is not a CDR, and it's on the venerable Gulcher label that was known for all the great punk and new wave records from Indiana in the 70's. And it's a major point fof local pride 'cos it was recorded live on KDVS in Davis by Andy Pastalaniec who has progressed over the past couple of years to become one of the steadiest and most dependable engineers I've ever known, fully able to follow a band's specific instruction or let his creativity take a band to a whole 'nutha level of brilliance."

The KDVS Recordings record label has five releases in it's two-year existence, and will release its sixth in late August 08'. For more info check out the KDVS RECORDINGS web site.

He lives at the once so-called "KDVS is My Life House" with various Davis miscreants awaiting escape from these fourteen square miles surrounded by reality.

Andy graduated from UC Davis March of 2006 with a double major in English and Socio-Cultural Anthropology.

Andy was also in the one show wonder Halloween band: Ghost Dad, along with Joe Finkel and Jaizi Abedania of the Playboy Millionaires.

He's been working at "Records" on Broadway, a several-decade-old used LP store in Sacramento, for the past few years .


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