I lived in Davis.  I spent a second summer in Mareeba.  I lived in Portland with Darin Wick  from March 2013 to July 2020.  Bike moved back to California, and arrived at the now-annual apocalypse in August 2020.


We'll be adding automagic-map-things like you asked about, yes!  E.g. "What's inside of here," when a page has a map with an area (neighborhoods). --philip

Any collaboration with the folks over at Portland.Wiki ?  Best, MarkDilley ( I know them well, Kotra & Dave, alas I have moved back to Detroit, just seems that the few wiki people we have in Portland, they should be working on the same wiki...)

Greetings fellow about-to-be-homeless plusser!  What a wonderful community, lost to the lack of globally significant numbers.  --jw