Angel Jennings currently attends Sacramento City College and lives in Davis, CA.

Favorite Restaurants:


2011-08-01 13:19:00   Angel-based on your IP Address, I'm guessing you work with DannyHertz and Emily. Welcome aboard! Please look to see if a page already exists before you create it. Thanks! —PeterBoulay

2011-08-01 13:39:55   River City Brewing CompanyPeterBoulay

2011-08-01 13:43:41   Angel—can you give me a contact # for your office please? I understand your department wants to work hard on the Wiki (which we definitely are interested in) and as Admin, I'd like to discuss it with your supervisor to make sure we're all on the same track. Please let me know. I'll delete it as soon as you put it in my profile so it won't stay public. Thx! —PeterBoulay

2011-08-01 13:45:09   You've already linked river city in bars and need for me to do so :) —PeterBoulay

2011-08-01 13:53:17   Angel-got the # and I've removed it from public view as promised and logged it in my private file. Thank you for the kind thought. It is my goal to see SacWiki thrive and I am thrilled you want to help. —PeterBoulay

2011-08-10 12:37:45   Angel—nice work today but please don't forget to use the Address Macro. Thanks!! —PeterBoulay

2011-08-10 13:20:38   Use the business template...just put the address in between the parentheses. To move pictures to the right, when you program the picture in include the word right in it —PeterBoulay

2011-08-10 13:31:47   Go to the Folsom State entry and edit it—you'll be able to see how I did the address macro and img —PeterBoulay

2011-08-11 17:42:35   Angel-wanted to let you know I really like the Wiki work you're doing. You're catching on quick!! I'll be sure to mention that when I talk to your supervisor next time :) —PeterBoulay