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2008-03-24 18:02:43   Hi Angela - Welcome to Daviswiki!

Please stop removing other people's comments from the J. Alex Tomaich, DDS MD page:

You have stated that you work for Alex Tomaich and I'm sure you don't like seeing negative comments his page, but only the user who left a comment can remove it. Daviswiki does NOT have a policy that allows you to remove a comment, even if you have requested that the user do it themselves and they have not responded. If you would like to change this policy, you should discuss it with the Wiki Community ... simply trying to institute something like this by removing these comments yourself is not the way to do it. —VladLoscutoff

2008-03-25 16:03:35   I definitely understand your frustration. Why not add a message below the first comment noting your position at the office, that you have attempted to contact the person, and that you have no patient record for them. You have a longer comment below Daisy's second reply right now, you may want to remove that and add a general comment which addresses other people who view the page instead of Daisy directly. If you keep your reply to Daisy's message short and to the point it will go a long way to showing that her comments are not an accurate description of the practice. —VladLoscutoff

2009-03-23 12:54:47   Hey Angela... always feel free to add to entries themselves. I added the note you made about the Radio Flyer car appearing on Fox 40, but you could have easily added it as well — that's how the entire wiki was written: with tiny contributions from many many people just like you slowly building up into the complete site you now see. —JabberWokky