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Anne Hance: has been a resident of Davis California since 1968. She has a biology background (BSc 1953) and has been a high school biology teacher. She discovered Internet technologies in 1994 through contact with and involvement with the Davis Community Network (DCN) and created Explorit Science Center's first website in 1995. It was hosted by DCN and continues today, as a CMS page using Plone, still hosted by DCN, Anne keeps an eye on the Explorit Science Center's Wiki page and hopes people will interact with it through comments and edits to keep it interesting and useful.

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2012-01-16 13:03:22   Hi and welcome to the wiki! I saw the note that you left on WesHardaker's page. I don't know how often he is checking the wiki these days, so I just went ahead and make the change you asked for. Since you were just noting something factual, I can't imagine why he would object; please feel free to make changes like that yourself. Again, welcome! —CovertProfessor