hella tight


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2006-01-19 5:46 On the Pub Live page if you uploaded the full size images to the page you could use the Image macro to resize them on the wiki, but when people clicked on each picture they could still see the full sized version and read all the little details. —JasonAller

2007-01-29 10:11:58   [[Image(imagename.jpg, thumbnail, "Caption text")]] also, if you want to break up rows of thumbnails, say three or four per row, then you can add == == between [[Image()]]s. —ArlenAbraham

[[Image(image1.jpg, thumbnail, "This is image 1")]]
[[Image(image2.jpg, thumbnail, "This is image 2")]]
[[Image(image3.jpg, thumbnail, "This is image 3")]]
== ==
[[Image(image4.jpg, thumbnail, "This is image 4")]]
[[Image(image5.jpg, thumbnail, "This is image 5")]]
[[Image(image6.jpg, thumbnail, "This is image 6")]]

2007-01-29 11:15:20   Hey, not your fault... it confused me for a moment. The problem was that your image filenames had commas in them. I removed the commas and they worked fine. I also let the Wikicoders know about it so they can prevent people from having the same problem in the future. —JabberWokky