Chad Watt Artetite Muralist is a Toledo, based Aerosol Muralist/Artist providing professional decorative design to a wide range of commercial and residential spaces in the mid-west region. Artetite Muralist specializes in commercial lettering,typography,and fonts for business advertisement.Works with organizations,groups,students communities and residents to design and paint community murals. Artetite Muralist offers much more then your average muralist/artist as we are AEROSOL based muralist/artist we combine traditional mix-media painting techniques,with the most current street edge influences that will draw "POSITIVE" attention to your community,residence and or business.

  Being a graffiti based artist/muralist many look at the word graffiti as being derogatory. This is a huge misconception because of the medium in which artwork is being created, Not all aerosol graffiti is negative or the intentions to destroy or vandalize. Artetite Muralist utilizes the positivity it offers by displaying colorful imagery.