My name is Bobby Egan. I graduated from UCD in December '08 with a B.S. in Managerial Economics and started a M.S. Accountancy program at Sac State immediately after in January '09.

I have lived in Davis since Fall '04 when I first arrived at the University. I currently work for the University while pursuing a career in public accounting.

While at UCD, I enjoyed spending most of my time outside of class with the California Aggie Marching Band-uh! Being a part of the band-uh was one of the most rewarding and special experiences I could ever ask for.

I love the Davis community and finally broke down and registered on the wiki page after being an avid reader for years. I know I'm boring, but I figured I'd create a page for myself anyway.



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2010-03-10 09:53:41   Welcome to the wiki! —JoePomidor