Barry earned his PhD in astronomy from the University of Arizona, Tucson, and is a Professor of Astronomy at Sierra College, Rocklin.

During 1997-2008, Barry worked as an invasive species specialist for The Nature Conservancy's Global Invasive Species Team.

Barry is involved in many aspects of carnivorous plants—conserving them, studying them, and growing them. His research focus is on the distribution of Lentibulariaceae (especially Utricularia) in the western USA. Barry is science editor for Carnivorous Plant Newsletter, a peer-reviewed journal on the science of carnivorous plants, published by The International Carnivorous Plant Society. He was Director of Conservation for this society from 1999 (when he created the position) until 2008.

Barry is an active plant photographer, and his first book on carnivorous plants (Growing Carnivorous Plants) was published by Timber Press in 2006. He recently finished a children's botany book for Scholastic Press (Monster Plants). His large web site, which includes many of his writings and a gallery of his plant photography, can be seen at He also photographs native Californian plants, like those that can be seen in Woodland.

He can often be found working at the UC Davis Botanical Conservatory, helping to manage the carnivorous plant collections maintained there, or at the UCDavis Center for Plant Diversity (i.e. the herbarium) where he has an appointment as an associate scientist.

Barry is a practicing martial artist, with a fourth degree black belt in kajukembo earned under Shihan Richard Baciarini at Inspire Martial Arts, Davis. He also holds a black sash in Senkotiros, earned under Manoi Jim Trapani. His martial arts title is "Manoi Barry".

Barry is married to Elizabeth Salvia, who also holds a fourth degree black belt and black sash.

Barry moved from Davis to the Spring Lake area in 2008.


Howdy, Barry... your book looks neat. A friend in Florida has a backyard jam packed with hundreds of specimens of carnivorous plants, and I see a Christmas gift in his future (unless he's already got a copy, information of which I'll have to fish out of his wife). Also, welcome to Wiki Spot! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2008-09-04 16:30:11   Hey Evan,

Thanks. Florida is fabulous for carnivorous plants, especially the Tallahassee area.....oh, sorry, I got all day-dreamy there for a second....

I liked your pointing out my nitpicking on the Daviswiki. I'm still a wiki gnome on that.... —BarryRice