BenTaylor, what a guy. Ben is an art studio major who's hometown is somewhere in Santa land (SoCal). His interests include, but are not limited to graffitti, extreme biking in Davis (he lives in the fast lane), jumping in swimming pools late at night, and sleeping in art buildings. He lived at 720 Anderson in the '05 to '06 schoolyear. In the summer of '06 he escaped Davis forever. Besides that he's cool.


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I've seen Ben more than any other person in the art building. He lives it, breathes it, and sleeps in it. He'll blow us all away one day with his work. —GracielaGuardado

2006-02-08 17:48:15   Ben breaks stuff. —BrendanBoyle

2006-02-08 17:54:49   I live in the bomb shelter because it's safe, and I died in 1953. —BenTaylor

2006-11-26 12:57:02   I made a sign last night that says: Reparacion de bicicletas gratis! thought of you while I drew the fixie on it. miss you... —PxlAted