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2011-11-17 15:56:31   Hey, NAME, welcome to the Wiki! Thanks for contributing.

For the Proofreading page in particular, I'd recommend:

  • Putting it in a Business page format to make it clear it's a business
  • Link to it from some other appropriate pages so people can find it - for example, you may want to create the Business Services page that's linked from the Business Directory - the Business Services doesn't exist yet, but would be a great place to list your proofreading service.

I look forward to seeing more of your contributions around the wiki. Hit me up (leave a comment on my user page) if you ever have a question about anything. —NicholasBarry

2011-11-28 14:46:42   Hey, Brian, I changed the proofreading page to make it a bit less advertisement-like. I also created a link to your page from the business services. —NicholasBarry