Carl Boettiger

* I'm a PhD student in Population Biology at UC Davis. * I have lived in Sunwise Co-op since Sept 2008, and am on the board of SCHA. * More about me on my Website.

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2010-03-01 16:21:58   Talk pages are discussions on changes to be made to wiki content. For example, changes to be made to the front page are discussed at front page/talk. Relegating this whole topic to pages meant to help wiki editors work out edits would simply be burying what pxl is trying to write.

Unlike Wikipedia, Davis Wiki doesn't require pages to adhere to a neutral point of view. Pages don't have to be completely impartial. You, of course, are free to add your own take on the matter directly to the article, just as pxl has done.

On a final note, opinions don't have to be relegated to the comment ghetto. A some of us older editors, in fact, don't like that the comment macro has drifted off userpages. On userpages, the comment macro facilitates easy communication. On other pages, it discourages people from improving the page.


2010-03-01 16:29:28   Hey, Carl! The wiki is by the community and about the community... controversy and a diversity of opinions is part of the context of every subject. Unless you're saying that there's no controversy and no real passion about Co-ops in Davis, that passion and controversy really should be in there. Davis Wiki is not like Wikipedia; it does not aim to be an encyclopedia (and does not have the persnickety rules that mandate a neutral point of view and no ability for witnesses or those involved to speak on their behalf). It is a work by the community about itself, and as a result, there are plenty of controversies and opinions that fit into entries all around the wiki. Be active! Add your voice to entries! You are a human being whose passions and feelings — barring personal attacks — should and can be heard! Just give the same elbow room for other people's voices and there is plenty of room for everybody to add to the community perspective on the wiki. Be brave and speak out! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards