Chelsea just moved to Davis in September 2008, and is a recent graduate of UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Politics. She moved here with her boyfriend TimMatthiessen who is beginning a graduate program at UCD. Chelsea enjoys all things outdoorsy including camping, backpacking, swimming, climbing, and canoeing/kayaking. She also loves to read, do crafts, and play word games. Chelsea on board the Morning Eagle on Josephine Lake in Glacier National Park. Chelsea spent two summers as a boat captain in Glacier, and this was one of the boats she piloted.


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2008-09-11 21:45:48   Howdy Chelsea, and Welcome to the Wiki... and welcome to Davis! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2008-09-11 21:07:09   Is that on Echo Lake? Looks nice. —NickSchmalenberger