Chris Gibson works at FACT and is an active administrator of the Liverpool Wiki, along with SteveLambert (who generally stays out of the day to day stuff).


2009-10-11 03:22:35   I agree wholeheartedly. I've tried a dozen methods to guide them to finding a resolution between them without actually dictating content, and I'm just about certain that there is increasing silliness. The frank statement of "you're adults and need to resolve this" was pretty much my last ditch before a chill pill (i.e., a week long block). I'd normally do a 24 hour block, but in this case I agree with you that a week is more appropriate. I must say that this is the worst case of two way nearsighted editing that I've ever seen. If it weren't accompanied by sockpuppets on the one side and personal insults on the other, I would say that there was still hope. Wiping the talk pages after a few days would also be a good idea, as the progress was minimal for the amount of words typed, and if they return with the text still there it is likely that the same futile arguments will begin again. On a much more positive note, despite the little tempests in their corners, the wiki as a whole is looking absolutely outstanding. When you're ready, I'll recommend or second the recommendation of it being listed as a featured wiki on the front of Wiki Spot. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

Great. Its good to get feedback about admin matters so thanks for that. Its fantastic you think the site is worthy of recommendation too! There is still allot of work to do to make it a community hub, but hopefully we'll achieve this. As a whole, I think there will be too much to update by myself in each of the new sections, but I've populated them with a few details to get them started. FACT are thinking of creating an award to give the wiki more official credit and so increasing footfall to the site. We believe in community participation and this is a great way to do it hence my persistence. Chris @ FACT.

Chris thank you for re-instating my mebership here. I would like to appologise sincerely for any role I played in the recent problems, which I put down to being passionate about my work and the work of others. Please be assured that I will not in any way engage in any further arguements with Waterways on this site.

Please note that I have updated the Liverpool Waters and Extending Merseyrail wiki talk pages to alert you to new developments on NEW proposals for a station at Vauxhall and a stadium at Liverpool Waters on Clarence Dock, using renders and a designed masterplan. These renders and a doccument from 21century Liverpool, encouraged by numerous parties on are in the hands of Peter Millea and Warren Bradley at Liverpool City Council, both of whom have been asking additional questions and are broadly supportive of the work as a proposal. They are also supoorted wholeheartedly by KEIOC as a legitimate proposal.

As legitimate proposals I would like to see this work included in both wikis. I will of course do my best to answer any not get into an argument with Waterways in any way....and to not say or do anything to harm the wiki or anyones editorial rights.

Thanks again - keithwyness

Chris please could you take a quick look at what has been written on my username page. thanks. - keithwyness

Yes, and take full note of it. - Waterways

Chris, there appears to be a stalemate again on the Liverpool Wikis where I want to contribute work. Waterways is deleting again, seemingly with complete impunity. On my username page he has said that he will not allow me to ever contribute anything to the Liverpool Wiki. I want to discuss whether or not my work and this NEW proposal will ever be accepted onto the relevant pages, or whether I should just accept defeat and leave the site and forget about it.

As for the other people posting on the talk pages, they have nothing to do with me. I have no other alias and this can be checked against my ip address. Please could you give me an update on how things are going to progress and where we are at the moment. I will not be responding directly to Waterways at all and I have made efforts to stay in line with the rules here - keithwyness

He uses home and his work place, IP addresses can be different. There are many ways to give false IP addresses. When he come along insulting alias comes along. - Waterways

Chris, it would be great to finally resolve this issue. I'm sure that this has become tiresome for all involved. The way I see this progressing is quite simple. Waterways work would be retained in it's current format with nothing deleted or changed whatsoever. At the bottom of the page under a new subheading called "Historical and alternative proposals" there would be a section on the wiki highlighting the 2 historical proposals from NWDA/MDHC and KEIOC/Trevor Skempton's (eminent stadium designer) work. Also Liverpool's proposals complete with renders.

This could be at the very bottom of the wiki, completely seperate from Waterways work.

I think now we are at a point where it's not really in doubt that there have been proposals to put a station and stadium at Central Docks. How "official" are they!? Well they've been put forward by the main government agency responsible for regeneration in the North West, the former owners of the site and by Livepool councillors. Are they any more fictional, than re-opening long disused tunnels, of which there are no current, concrete proposals other than merseytravel saying they would look into it!? Certainly there is no plan or even proposal by MT to extend rail utilising an "outer loop". This is something Waterways and Watertways alone is proposing....and he is entitled to do so, which is why I never deleted his work.

When can we progress so that work from editors can go up without fear of it being imediately deleted? How long does this go on for with ONE person refusing to allow ANY edits?

I would appreciate some feedback Chris. You have not responded to any of my queries, or acknowledged my concerns so far.



  • This idiotic vandal should not be allowed to contribute to this wiki. - Waterways

2009-10-31 17:54:47   Everything can go back up. I try not to be reactive in cases like this, giving some time. I emailed him an hour ago, I let it sit for awhile, now I'm going to restore. Escalating as slowly as possible is a general tactic, allowing him to cool off before it gets stupid (well... more stupid, that is). —JabberWokky

2009-10-31 21:32:00   Oh, incidentally, two things we've learned over the years is to encourage real names (yes, my wife really DOES call me "Wokky"... it's an old theatre nickname), and require logins rather than allow IP editing. It might be a good idea to require logins to edit, as it promotes a sense of community and participation and makes it harder for stupid vandalism. —JabberWokky

2009-11-02 12:26:06   No worries. In general, once an active community of editors gets going (which can take quite awhile, but will eventually happen), there is enough social inertia and mutual empathy to prevent things like that happening in the future. I tried to clean up all the back and forth that wound up going nowhere so that new editors don't feel like they are walking into a high drama situation. —JabberWokky

Good stuff!

Can I ask why I have had my editing ability removed!? I thought we had agreed a way forward. If Waterways does not wish to contribute to the wiki, that is a great shame. I would still like to be able to contribute and will respect his work and the work of other editors. Why can I not edit? keithwyness.

Hello. In answer to your question, I feel you cannot be trusted to behave in a manner which is acceptable. Therefore, I am drawing a line under the whole thing and removing your edit ability. FACT.

2009-12-06 18:24:29   There are actually a couple problems with the current wiki that you should probably be made aware of. Anybody with a 1024 or less resolution screen can not see the login area because the huge logo pushes it off the screen to the right. I had noticed something else that I was going to fix as well, but can't recall it now. There are also a half dozen little css tweaks that can be made to make things look much nicer (like making the header background color match the light green, and making colorful table styles rather than manually setting the color). The latter isn't strictly necessary, but it would probably be a good idea. —JabberWokky

2010-01-16 00:39:08   Chris I created in 2003 and I have worked for many a year now on the content if you are to copy and paste content from my site please reference it to thanks —andrewmacaulay

I'll be keeping an eye on recent updates on the site. Any wrongful use will result in being banned. FACT.

Is this a FACT site? If so, why do you allow outsiders to contribute?

Outsiders can contribute on the basis that they do so in a well informed, open and non-confrontational way. I trust you will do this. FACT.

What strange comments. Have you found any wrongful use to write such an odd passage? So, it is a FACT site and you view outsiders with suspicion.