Current/Past Activities

SSFAAC (Winter '08 - Present)

Rotoract (Fall '07 - Present)

College Life (Winter '08 - Present)

Tercero Leadership Council - Historian (Fall '07)


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2007-11-18 17:51:49   Christine is awesome. =O —EliYani

2007-11-18 18:39:06   No problem. Just giving a small helping hand. —PaulAmnuaypayoat

2007-12-05 23:03:08   spoooot —EliYani

2008-02-14 01:44:46   Given the timeframe we are working with, most likely no, at least not for the rest of this year. If you do decide to apply through the more formal process for next year, then it will necessitate a revisiting of the applications and a brief interview. This afternoon I have a meeting set up w/Nancy Flagg, and @ that time we're going to arrange for a further meeting that accommodates the schedule of Paul. —MaxMikalonis