Marika and I were in Grace Valley Christian Center for many years (I was one of the first elders of the church back in 1975). I have written extensively about this church on the Grace Valley Christian Center/Allegations page as well as on the Grace Valley Christian Center/Experiences page. You can read my testimony at Clifton Burton's Experience at GVCC. We left the church in March of 2004. My purpose in writing these admittedly negative comments about GVCC is to warn the community of Davis of the aberrant and abusive nature of this church, and if possible to shed some light for those still in the church (the more years you spend in that place the more you lose the ability to think critically). We have been attending The Father's House in Vacaville since we left, along with my son Nicholas and his wife Leticia and children, and our daughter Genevieve and husband and children. We are growing in the grace of our Lord Jesus, and rejoicing in the freedom we have in Christ. We pray often for the leaders and friends at GVCC, whom we dearly love.

2007-07-22 19:07:15   You and your family have been a huge encouragement to us! Thanks, brother! May the Lord bless you! —RichLindvall

2008-10-06 Your boldness is the result of your commitment to pray for Grace valley. God has directed your path and given you a burden for the horrible bondage the people of that church are under. May He continue to give you a bold voice to set the captives free. —Love you, Your Sis - Donna Shera