Hi, I'm the guy that started this site to bring what I enjoy in Rochester, NY to my hometown of Akron, OH. Please help contribute.


2010-10-08 15:14:05   Hi Damian, I took the liberty of creating the About Page in the WikiSpot Directory for you and set up a user page here in case you want to talk about this wiki. Good luck with the adventure. —BradMandell

2010-10-08 16:14:44   PS: I served as a Systems Engineer and software developer on Xerox's iGen3 project back in 2000-2002. As the high-priced, older, newbie I received an Employee of the Month award in September and got laid off in October. Best thing to happen to me it turns out (:>) —BradMandell

2010-10-11 03:20:12   Hello Damian, nice work! I am a WikiWalker of many year, co-founded WikiIndex.org and work on ArborWiki, PortlandWiki, DetroitWiki and CantonWiki at times. Can we put you on a CivicWiki gmail group? Cheers, MarkDilley —MarkDilley