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2008-06-24 14:30:59   Howdy Dan! You might want to read a bit about how tables work. The tables you've been creating are broken a bit. You might also want to look into the Address() macro, which provides a nice map to the address given. (See the Map icon at the top of the entries I've edited?). To see what I'm talking about, compare the table in your initial version versus the table in this version. See how everything lines up? Also, you might want to add a sentence containing a link back to the list of restaurants so visitors to the wiki can find their way back. Great work getting the content and finding the reviews, though! If you have any markup questions, just ask. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2008-06-25 11:39:06   Thanks for the help man, this is my first time using wiki software so I'm still learning the ropes. I'll make sure to start including a link to the restaurants section too, thats a great idea. If you notice any other slip ups just let me know and i'll be more than happy to correct them —DanFish

2009-01-04 11:04:38   Stella's Diner is not listed on the restaurants page.


2009-08-05 07:50:55   Hi Dan, I created Company Logo, Company Logo/Talk and modified Daddy's Junky Music regarding the logo you added to the latter. You might want to consider creating a smaller original and reuploading the logo. You can see examples via the links on


2010-10-01 10:13:09   Hi Dan. I am a student at Syracuse University and we are working on a Syracuse University wiki. I noticed that you have a section here dedicated to the university and if you would like to collaborate on this. -BonnieKong —BonnieKong