I'm a young guy living in Davis with my girlfriend Nicky who I intend to marry someday. I moved here from Winters where I pretty much grew up, a tiny hick town 15 minutes away. My passion is movies, and writing. I love all kinds of music, videogames, good art, the 80's, sci-fi stuff, ninjas, robots, zombies, Ikea, and comics. I'm not as dorky as I sound, I just have some nerdy interests. Thats about all anyone reading this really needs to know. Other than the fact that I'm a really cool and nice guy. Yup.


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2009-05-12 16:15:40   Welcome to the Wiki! You are off to a terrific start on your user page! You seem to have inadvetantly created your very own wiki... and I have no idea how you did that, but here's a link just in case it was on purpose. If you have any questions we are all quite friendly here, so just ask. —MasonMurray