Dana Renée Sullivan is an East Coast transplant who moved here from Greensboro, North Carolina in July 2008. She recently graduated from Guilford College in North Carolina with a double major in English and Computer Science.

She has previously worked as a Java programmer for the informatics (software) department at the U.C. Davis Veterinary Genetics Lab.

Dana can often be seen meandering through the Farmer's Market, Food Co-Op, and ASPCA thrift store. She enjoys cooking and eating delicious local foods, gardening (especially roses), developing open source software, reading (mostly Stephen King at the moment), and riding her bike.

She lives with her boyfriend David Simon, her cat Blackfish, and David's cat Shoggoth.

Feel free to drop a comment to say hi, especially if you're new to town or just looking to meet new people! : )


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2008-09-11 21:28:10   Howdy, Dana, and welcome to the wiki! I once had a cat named Cthulhu, and still have the receipt from when I had him fixed. It's not often that you can get official paperwork showing that you neutered an Elder God. I hope you're enjoying Davis, it's a great little town. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2008-10-03 09:27:59   Thanks! : ) I really love Davis so far. —DanaSullivan

2009-01-10 23:49:31   I just noticed your comment about the Cloud Forest, as I am considering trying it out soon. Maybe we could go together sometime. Nice to see you on here! —ChelseaAyers