About Dan Biel

I am not in a band.

I do not play an instrument.

But I can still rock your world.


He Supports

Crap duvet and it's members John Dudek and Isaac Hamlen-Gomez

John Dudek because who wouldn't support John Dudek

Isaac Hamlen-Gomez because he is the proprietor of "Isaac's Beatdowns". (They Deliver) Airsoft. There's hella fun places to play if to cops don't shoot you

N mouth. Even though he isn't really in crap duvet.

Taylor cause we been rollin' since da fourth grade.

Nora for being Nora. and she wants to help with Beta Site.

Sammo because the world still deserves to know that she could kill them with a pistol

Debbie because Jew camp is for lovers... and 'cause she's awesome

Josh Pelz because he helped fix my computers in his infinite wisdom.


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2005-11-02 20:22:51   Dude, you took me off the DaVinci informal! WTF, mate? —JohnDudek

2005-11-02 21:40:05   I already supported you for bing in crap duvet, but I guess I can fix it —DanielGonzales

2005-11-03 21:43:38   Oh! I know PLENTY about ChiteMichelleAccurso

2005-11-08 13:38:34   you look strangely like a younger version of my friend kevin http://static.flickr.com/28/59583596_93830f4a02_m.jpg how veird —MichelleAccurso

2005-11-08 15:57:08   Why does everybody think Danny ate a 20X20? And also, why does Danny look like that Kevin fellow? Creepy... —JohnDudek

Everyone thinks Danny ate a 20x20 because Danny is not supposed to upload copyrighted images. As for Danny looking like Kevin? My only guess is that Danny is Kevin's biological father. - arlen

2005-11-08 18:04:16   DANNY is KEVIN'S biological father? how does that work? —AlexNorris

2005-11-09 20:07:54   I think Danny must be secretly a few years older than he says he is. —JohnDudek

2005-11-11 17:21:30   were eight of those ninjas tato? —JohnDudek

2005-11-11 23:17:06   Actually, Tayto was just one of those ninjas. there were 7 others. true story —DanielGonzales

2005-11-14 18:32:20   he didn't fight us off! the others weren't even ninjas. I could've gotten him, but the fakers just got in the way. —TaylorClark

2005-11-14 23:04:39   You broke My Sandals! —DanielGonzales

2005-11-16 16:51:28   Why am I not on your page as of 11-16-05? What is this? —JoshPelz

2005-11-18 21:59:04   Sorry Danny, that fondue idea failed... people don't want to do it anymore or something... MAYBE they'll still do it with convincing but yeah... the end —SamanthaSpada

2005-11-26 19:36:43   wow, i was going to leave a comment with "you look strangely familiar" and forgot about the photo i put up. i love the discussion i missed. ha ha ha, you're so kevin's dad —MichelleAccurso

2005-11-27 20:04:42   dude.... Hi. —AubreyJohnson

2005-12-03 16:18:49   can i adopt you? —AubreyJohnson

2005-12-04 09:17:23   no, that is absolutely out of the question, I am not up for adoption —DanielGonzales

2005-12-05 18:01:41   Check one two-(Nooo!) —JeromeJohnson

2006-03-20 21:35:42   I have come to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I'm all out of bubble gum. —KevinRollins