Although not born in Camarillo, I grew up in nearby Oxnard. I attended OHS my Freshman-Junior years and ACHS Fall of 1961 before moving to Illinois. That is where I met and married my wife in 1963. We returned to Oxnard before moving to Camarillo in January 1973. Our two daughters, Lisa and Michelle, grew up here. Lisa graduated from ACHS in 1982; Michelle from RMHS in 1988.

While employed by GTE (General Telephone), I worked throughout Ventura County including much time at Camarillo's telephone switching office on Arneill Road and Camarillo State Mental Hospital, mostly during the 1960's.

During the mid-70's to the mid-80's, I was also a VCSO Reserve Deputy Sheriff assigned to Camarillo. This gave me an opportunity to see Camarillo and it's police department grow, among other "things" that a normal resident probably would not see. Currently I am an active member of the Camarillo Police Citizen Patrol, which also gives me the same opportunities. I am also a June 2001 graduate of the Camarillo Police Department Citizen Academy.


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