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2008-07-24 13:52:04   Hi there, I read your comment on Stonegate Village Apartments saying that the complex is very fair with the security deposits. What did you mean by "fair"? Did you mean that the amount of money asked for the security deposit is fair, or that they are fair when refunding the deposit? I ask because we're moving out of our apartment soon and I've heard some negative things in the past about charges to the security deposit when renters have pets. —ElleWeber

2008-08-08 11:17:31   Hey! How funny that it's you :) Thanks for the info about the deposits; for some reason I remembered reading horrible comments about people not getting their deposits back and management accusing residents of pet-urine-soaked carpets and whatnot when it wasn't true, but I can't find that anymore. I may have misremembered it about a different complex. We've moving at the end of August so I'm starting to freak out about cleaning the apartment and we really want to get our whole deposit back. They already remodeled our unit, so that's not an option :) But it'll probably be fine. We should get together before we leave! Our current fosters are getting pretty big, but they're still adorable. Stop by and see them! —ElleWeber

2008-09-16 17:43:31   We're gone from Davis now, sorry we couldn't meet up before I left! But we did end up getting our whole deposit back from Stonegate, so I worried for nothing. Or maybe we were just really good at cleaning :) —ElleWeber