Name: Devin Castellucci

Phone Number: (530) 554-0755


Hobbies: Catapulting, camping, building things, Citrus Circuits Robotics, RoboChair

Personality: I love working with my hands, building stuff, fixing things and what not. I'm a very caring, kind, and patient individual that enjoys helping others.

Media Appearances

I'm willing to do parties and special events with the catapult, just email me and tell me you're interested


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2006-08-25 20:58:35   What time will you be setting up in the park on the 29th? —JasonAller

2006-08-29 20:29:47   sorry that I missed you but I set up the catapult almost always as early as the light allows and give 1.5hrs for set-up time. It will be set-up around 9am at the latest on most days. —DevinCastellucci

2006-08-30 18:24:08   What software do you have installed on your computer that would cause your edit to the R&D page to look like this? —JasonAller

  • I'm just as puzzled as you, cause I have no clue at.... Wait, I think it was denying my edit for some unknown reason and that might have been caused it to mess with the page

2007-01-28 17:58:27   You have the best picture in all the DW! —StevenDaubert

2007-04-08 16:42:37   Yo Devin, is Tyler no longer running at DRAGON or something? Whats up? —DavidPoole

2007-06-20 08:04:10   Hi! I don't think that was me....but let me check.... —RocksandDirt

2007-06-20 08:05:17   Ah, those things....I'll try to find some photos of them in action....right now they are in someone's garage awaiting next year.... —RocksandDirt

2007-06-23 03:17:07   aright! —DevinCastellucci

2007-06-29 20:38:16   hi devin, there's going to be a wiki bbq on july 7 at slide hill park. anyway you could bring one of your awesome projects? i'd love to see some of the things i've been reading about. chao! —JessicaRockwell

2008-05-06 14:37:39   Guys the new park supervisors have banned Devin from using his trebuchet. Please help him by sending letters to the Slide Hill Park supervisors. Info on how this occured on my facebook group. Thank you for listening Please join here to support Devin: