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2010-03-28 22:39:56   Hi Dick, and Welcome to the Wiki! Is there a reason we need to keep the Mermaids Talk Page? It looked to me like both of the issues/questions there had been long since resolved. Anyway, welcome, glad to have you here! —TomGarberson

2010-04-15 21:59:56   Dear Dick Liddle: To what do I owe your interesting comment considering I show no record of a working history with you? Please introduce yourself and refresh my memory. Sincerely, Vaage. —Vaage

"2010-04-15 4:23:59:56"   Dear Vaage: My comment on your webpage? Chalk it up to my sheer stupendous wit. All the best, Dick Liddle

2010-04-30 07:09:25   Why not introduce yourself and establish some identity? —JasonAller