I've been a resident of the city of Davis since early in 2004. I figured out how nice a town this is when, of all the crazy things I've done, I completed my tour of Borders Books in the greater Sacramento area with a stop off at Borders Davis. I'm a liberal/progressive/whatever. I think I'm probably way too intense for my own good sometimes but hey, gotta be something, ya know. I have come to have a deep affinity for our town and the university adjoining it. I spend time both on campus and in town. When it comes to all things that float and are powered, either by propeller or sail, you can classify me as obsessed (even though I don't own a boat[somebody want company on the water.....well here I am]). I'm a firm believer in the Constitution especially the Bill of Rights. I was born in the 70s under the sign of the bull. My desire for the city of Davis is that it become an island of beauty, descency, and kindness in a sea of productive fields.



200+ lbs

Blue Eyes

Brown Hair(long haired and proud of it)

Right Handed