Dylan Schaefer is a former Economics and Political Science major at UCD. He has been previously involved with ASUCD and was formerly the director of the ASUCD City/County Affairs Office. Some of his main work in ASUCD has been to work on student/police relations, particularly in the realms of Noise Ordinance and Picnic Day. He also ran for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2012 ASUCD Election, but didn't quite make the cut (although he did make the #5 spot in first place votes- damn you choice voting).

Outside of ASUCD, he spent a lot of time in student leadership and organizations. He is a founding father and Secretary of Phi Delta Theta, a member of the Davis College Democrats, and has been on the executive board of both organizations. He was a chartering member and campaign manager for the BOLD slate during its brief (but successful) tenure. He was also a fellow at the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy

Although he finds politics less and less appealing every day, he still finds ASUCD Elections fascinating, and is probably a good person to talk to if you're interested in the subject. He has a not-so-friendly nerd rivalry with Maxwell Kappes on who is better at crunching election data.

He also likes Picnic Day (but not people who can't handle their shit), Facebook, and kitties!

He is a occasional contributor to the wiki and specifically likes to update ASUCD pages on the wiki, since they tend to be outdated.

A page that every UCD student should read: FAQ Student-Police


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2010-10-28 08:19:12   Hey, keep in mind that you're an editor here too... things go back and forth easily, so if you think the line should be removed, it's cool. Peter was just trying to protect Rebecca. If you think her profile is better with that removed (and Rebecca wouldn't mind), go ahead and remove it again, especially now that you've explained why. We're all equals when it comes to what is on the wiki. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-10-28 17:15:05   Thx JW...Dylan-I had no idea you had helped make the page. I'll revert the change—no harm meant. —PeteB

2010-11-10 11:28:48   Hi Dylan, nope.. I rarely read the Vanguard unless someone forwards me a link. Just checked it out though... the majority of my article had to do with the appointment process, didn't see any of that in David's article. Best, —KemblePope

2011-01-19 19:39:15   Hey, I formatted that Nav include for the Winter 2011 election. With collaborative editing, sometimes just making the effort prompts people to help out, so it's that effort that's so important (just like most volunteer project). Thanks for starting the ball rolling. —JabberWokky

2011-06-07 23:03:14   I wanted to add a personal note, one which is based on my own opinion and experience, and in no way a promise or absolute prediction: Keep in mind that pretty much nobody is trying to harm Phi Delta Theta. Well, possibly some women who feel they were wronged. But other than that, pretty much everybody involved is happy to figure out what's honest and reasonable. If the guy has no connection to the frat, that will factor in to everybody's decisions. As a warning, it may take two or three days to hash things out (and occasionally longer), since there's now an added layer of complexity to a collaborative effort — but most people only check the wiki every once in awhile. Things are in flux and will change, so please don't panic about a particular version of the page, even if it's hard to do when you have a personal connection.

Again, just my personal take, but I've seen people (and have myself) try to move it faster, but it just doesn't seem to ever work out well. —JabberWokky

  • I'm happy for it to take a few days, as long as it ends up correcting itself. I was pretty angry (as were a bunch of the other brothers) when we saw the comments because we've worked so hard to put ourselves in a good light, due to the nature and history of the organization whose name we've adopted, and the whole situation reeks of some troll who wants to tarnish our name. But you can't be an editor on the wiki without going through a flame war or two, so I guess I can consider this my initiation into the community or something, haha. I just wish this happened AFTER finals. Oh well! Thanks for your support!

2011-06-08 18:26:43   Hey, good to know. Who actually owns the house? An alumni association? The national fraternity? —WilliamLewis

2011-06-09 14:09:54   Hey Dylan, you might want to see if you can reign in the ridiculosity on the whole Phi Delta Theta thing. Some of your brothers are making themselves look terrible, and it could reflect negatively on the organization. See, e.g., this classy edit. His rant against Wes doesn't even seem to be rationally related to anything Wes said on the Talk page. The issue seemed to be resolved until Randy blew up. —TomGarberson

2011-06-09 16:56:29   Thank you, Dylan. The guy is ignoring all attempts at communication and spamming the Wiki. What's more, he's apparently attributing all of the statements by the three accounts that started all this crap from the same mobile IP address to Wes. That's just plain incorrect. Hopefully you can clarify how all this stuff works for him, as well as his factual mistakes. I linked the things Wes actually said at the bottom of the page here. —TomGarberson

2011-06-09 17:01:06   I think Randy just got an oddball rumor mill version of things. It sounds like he thought Wes was saying what those two anonymous girls were saying. The only reason he was blocked was because he was going crazy, posting this rant over and over all over the place, often multiple copies on the same pages. Maybe he was taking out some finals week frustration, or thought he was making an idealistic stand. The problem is, he wasn't really going after the right target (and he was righting a wrong that had already mostly been corrected). —JabberWokky

2011-06-09 17:11:51   It might help if he knows that the "vets" Wes is referring to in this comment was the guy commenting under .44, who was mocking the girls and actively making rather nasty comments about them that evening. He wasn't talking about Randy (unless that was Randy posting the stuff as .44, in which case, his words were pretty harsh too). —JabberWokky

2011-06-09 18:39:05   I will say this... I don;t let things become personal so I will ignore most of the tirade that has occurred here. I stated the debate seemed silly, stated I cannot verify if the man was in the frat or not only that he claimed to be in the frat and that he did have a spider tattoo. I also stated I asked him to either leave the girl alone or leave the premises...

Yes, maybe I went overboard by saying he was a degenerate, but when you are looking at a page and someone spouts off the way the individual did, more of an intelligible rant than anything else, it's what he came off as.

I was not trying to promote anyone badmouthing the frat and really don't care about this particular frat or any other one for that matter. If it came off that way, I owe an apology, though it doesn't that anywhere in anything I wrote. If offense was taken, I apologize. The wiki is information and we all try to work with each other as best we are able to.

As for personal attacks on a "war-hero"... I don;t even know where that came from. I am a vet, I try my best to convey intelligence and humility and chose to be a bouncer because I actually believed there was a better way to take care of a bar than what I have witnessed from many bouncers in the past. Do I get rich there? No. Do I have a ton of money invested in a 401k plan? No. I care only about being able to support myself and to help others, which the job allows me to do.

Anyway, good luck with the frat, hope it does well... Word of advice though, if all it takes to belittle and demean an entire frat is one person acting unprofessionally or uncouth at a bar... I don;t know... seems like the history of the frat should speak for itself. The quality of a frat, while dependent upon each of it's members should not be judged by any single individual member of the frat... Seems silly to me. There is not a single frat or sorority out there that hasn't had an individual member do something stupid and they do just fine... The entire debate following it though, including some of the reactions by the members... that says more than the individuals actions.

Either way, I'm stepping out of the debate, I have better things to do and already said my piece on the matter.

Good luck. —Wes-P

2011-06-10 11:01:24   Sorry, I think I must have misspoken somewhere (as CP seemed to get the same impression as you). I was trying to say it was very understandable that Randy got upset. I just think it was aggravated by some rumors or misunderstandings along the way. When I talked to him on the phone, he was quoting the text that the girls wrote and saying that Wes said it. That is not implying that he had no reason to be upset. I'd certainly be upset over the whole thing, if I thought it was about me, added confusion or not. —JabberWokky

2011-12-24 17:24:57   I have no idea why that was removed, but it looks to me like a very reasonable thing to note on the entry. Thanks for asking them directly: every edit is done by an individual, and I'm not quite sure what purpose is served in removing a bit of information like that. —JabberWokky