Burlington Conservators' Center


The Conservators’ Center is a nonprofit organization that preserves threatened species through rescuing wildlife in need, responsible captive breeding, and providing educational programs and support worldwide.

On a visit to the Conservators' Center, you will meet many different kinds of animals up close. An experienced tour guide will tell you their individual stories and describe each species and explain its role in its ecosystem. Most of our friendly and curious lions, tigers, and wolves enjoy greeting and observing their visitors. You will be equally enchanted by our smaller species, including binturongs, New Guinea singing dogs, ring-tailed lemurs, servals, caracals, bobcats, lynx, and jungle cats. Binturongs are also known as bearcats, servals are African wildcats, and caracals are a form of lynx.

Three part mission: 1. Education 2. Conservation 3. Rescue



"Our incredible animals serve as the best possible ambassadors for their respective species and the need for comprehensive conservation efforts. Children and adults alike leave our site touched by the experience and with a better understanding of how we are all interconnected."


"Selective conservation breeding is vital for maintaining species of animals whose survival is threatened. Our breeding efforts are strategically coordinated with an international coalition of conservation programs."


"We accept and care for the animals that no one else wants – including ones suffering from behavioral issues, physical disabilities, and those who are elderly. For many, we are the home of last resort."

Meet the Residents

Freya the TigerMufasa the LionRamsey the LeopardReno the BobcatDiego the Lynx


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Want to visit? 676 E Hughes Mill Rd, Burlington, NC 27217 (Contact) (336) 421-0883