Name: Emma Coats

What?? Former resident of Davis, I now live in Berkeley and work at Pixar.


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2005-11-24 18:20:55   I got a pair of Docs at Big 5 in Davis back in April. They're these though, not the boots. Still, might be worth a try. —JessicaLuedtke

2005-12-06 12:12:58   Hello, I was just wondering if I could get some more information about Sketchcrawl. It sounds really interesting. How did you come up with the idea? —MollyBechtel

2006-02-16 22:40:57   Your sketches are amazing.. the water color really brings them to life... Anyway you could teach me? —JulieWeiss

2006-02-18 20:36:12   You run a pound of chicken fat (body cavity is best) through the grinder, then either 1. stir well into cold water in a pot on a stove, or 2. put in the top section of a double boiler. In either case bring the water up to just below a simmer; keep it that hot until all the oil has rendered out of the fat. Strain then pour into bowl or jar and refrigerate. The solid cake of fat on top is what you use for the piecrust, the crud and stuff will sink into the water. Chill it well (near freezing) before using. It's crumbly and melts quickly, so you have to work fast to get the piecrust together. —BlancheNonken