Background: I lived in Davis from 1990-1994, then moved to Sonoma County where I met Ethan Knoop. I moved back to Davis in 2000. I am proud to call myself a townie!

Fur Kids: My first born is a 7 year old cockatiel named Sir Peppermint Waddlesworth. Shortly after I started working in a vet hospital, I acquired two calicos named Teeny and Camilla.

Employment: I have had various jobs around town. I used to work at Tecate Grill and Animal Kingdom. I am currently working at one of the Veterinary Hospitals in town as a Registered Veterinary Technician.

Interests: Video games, board games, music, reading, movies, food and sleeping. (Not necessarily in that order!)

Favorite places in town: Stonegate Country Club, Thai Recipes, Peet's Coffee and Tea, West Pond, Sweet Briar Books, Let Them Eat Cake.

Favorite departed businesses: Discoveries, Mirai, Crepe House Uni.


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2009-07-21 16:58:14   Do you have a younger sister, Zofia? —WilliamLewis

2009-07-21 17:05:58   No, sorry! —EmmyMelton

2012-01-14 16:27:07   Hi, did you ever end up getting a ticket for running the light on Russel? —JLee05

2012-01-14 17:11:39   No, I didn't. I waited a few months and nothing showed up in the mail. I was paranoid that maybe it got lost in the mail so I went into the police station just to make sure. The lady told me I probably got lucky and told me to never run a red light again. Of course I don't plan on running red lights on purpose! —EmmyMelton