About Me

Name: Erik Friedlander

Long gone from Davis.

Major: Electrical Engineering


Sushi Unlimited Opening Day review


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Howdy, Erik. I'm curious as to why a dozen people suddenly jumped all over one guy's anecdote weeks after he posted it, several of them signing up (at least one appearing to come in from out of the state) just to yell at him. What prompted the public and ugly lynching? It certainly seems quite coordinated and planned. It also seems odd that everybody is simply leaving comments (even after the actual content was moved elsewhere) and nobody seems interested in adding to the entry... add comments are specifically attacking the single comment (even after it was moved). It seems very strange. I must admit in many years of watching the wiki, I've never seen such a concerted attack upon a fellow neighbor relating their personal experience. What prompted the organized response? —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards