Welcome to the Davis Wiki! I am very much appreciating the pictures you are posting of the Arboretum. Thanks very much! —DonShor

  • Me too!!! Thank you so much for the picture uploads and the edits. If I might make a request, though — please make sure that you don't delete the links to the Arboretum, etc. They help to make the wiki more useful! —CovertProfessor

Thank you! I was unaware that when I deleted content that I was deleting links. I shall add some soon, I appreciate the feedback!

  • Actually, BrentLaabs added a navigation table for all of the arboretum pages, saving you the trouble... see what you think. I think it's nice! —CovertProfessor

Great edits! Thanks for helping everybody learn a bit more about the Arboretum! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

Fantastic series of edits. Daubert