Geographic Focus

  • Add non-Canton areas as portals, e.g. Plymouth Portal?
  • Leave the naming as is

Technical Stuff


  • Semantic MediaWiki + SemanticForms
    • Allows you to create "Add A Business" style forms like RichmondWiki

ArborWiki and RichmondWiki saw much higher signups and edits from people referred from big wikis when they switched the theme to MonoBook for those people.

Get analytics going, sending out reports, monitoring search terms

Talk to Brad about logo and graphics

Get list of extensions from Andrew - no need:

Add the WYSIWYG editor once RichmondWiki proves it's viable

Mobile devices

People Stuff

  • People need to be convinced that they aren't going to break something

  • Reach out to spammers and try to educate?


  • Have classes
    • Chamber of commerce
    • Historical societies
    • Students?
  • Talk to local web companies to promote the wiki to their clients
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter account

You're the one with the barnis here. I'm watching for your posts.

Next steps

  • Work on the design and making it more usable - George + Brad
    • Brad's going to do a logo
  • Create enough seed content so that it doesn't look like a ghosttown
    • Articles with a strong point of view could be helpful
    • Neighborhood/Subdivision pages (ask Anne for contact info)
    • Streets of Canton
    • Social media pages - Brad + Anne
    • Look at photos to "borrow" for the wiki
    • Movie shoots page
    • Suburban Legends
    • IKEA
  • Create social media precesense - contact Ronald
    • Already on twitter
    • Facebook page
  • Create a CantonWiki:Todo page
  • Add people to analytics
    • Change it so admins aren't seen
    • Add conversion goals