Greg Robinson is a first-year student at UC Davis. He is studying both Electrical Engineering and Physics, but expects only one to be a major.

While at Davis, Greg is kept busy with homework and particle physics research. Sometimes these occur in that order, but they usually do not. On Fridays he attends Physics Club when he has time. Despite his lack of free time, sometimes puzzles eat into his sleep time because some questions just can't be unanswered (such as "what is the longest combination of numbers that spells more than two words on a cell phone?").

Summer usually keeps him equally busy: In summer 2007 he spent his time suckling the US Government's teat doing software engineering research for The Aerospace Corporation. Summer 2008 weened him back to the private sector to make the rite of passage to become a "Googler".

Greg hails from Manhattan Beach, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. While spending time there, he enjoys cooking, growing vegetables, going to concerts, and ocean sports such as swimming, body surfing, paddleboarding, and the occasional pathetic attempt to surf.