Born December 25, 1986 at Flow Hospital on Fry Street. A proud Dentonite, born and raised, she has lived on or near UNT campus for most of her life. Raised in the Fry St/Delta Lodge/Rainbow Valley scene, she has many colorful and eclectic childhood memories. Perhaps because she got most of her partying out of the way early, she now enjoys the quieter approach to life. That doesn't mean she doesn't still partake in the college or Denton scene, though. Her favorite bar is Lucky Lou's and when she somehow comes up with the money, loves having girls' night out with the gals. She spends a lot of her free time doing crafts, taking care of animals, studying, collecting information, spending time with close friends, or finding interesting historical pieces and landmarks that many have never noticed or don't care about.


Hannah is a Biology Student at UNT and hopes to one day make it to vet school. She volunteers at the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainseville, Tx.


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