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She's looking for the best cold soup...Recommendations are appreciated!

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2012-08-22 03:46:14   I gave you a comments box so I could tell you to bug Mike because his page needs more bugging. —ThomasReeder

2012-11-19 15:23:58   Everything was written by people like you, and it all depends on people rewriting and adding to keep it viable. So don't ever worry about editing anything on a page. The worst thing that could happen is that somebody disagrees and there's a discussion about what should be there... which is just part of people working together on a project like the wiki. Feel free to edit and add to the wiki: it's your wiki too! —JabberWokky

Thanks so much! I read a lot of comments and see a lot of mishaps so I'm super wary of editing pages, but I'll be a little more confident! -ht

best Buffalo wings are made and bbqed. Wing Time sauce was originally out of Davis. Best method is Everett and Jones yellow top + Roadhouse Spicy thick and chunky + wing time medium or hot usually 1:1:1 they turn out really good on the bbq. Should make them for the next wiki bbq... Daubert

...I...I'm a little confused but I'll try making some :o -ht

2012-11-19 20:54:36   Chicken Wings - best wings restaurant in town is Sudwerk IMO, although Froggy's is also quite good. Village Grill is up there, but pricey. The Grad is always a good bet, too. If you don't mind traveling a bit, Pyramid in downtown Sacramento has fantastic wings. Best I've ever had. —TomGarberson

Thanks so much! I haven't had Sudwerk's yet, nor Froggy's. The Grad's are decent. I wish I could get there, but I've only got a bike so it's within Davis for me now. Thanks for the recs! - ht

2012-11-20 11:29:02   also re vitos: If something significant changes with the restaurant by all means edit the page and reflect that in the body of the article. No more burgers is noteworthy so don't feel afraid to jump right in and share. Cut that comment bar out has some musings that might explain more —StevenDaubert

That page is really useful! Thanks for the notice! I felt it was a pretty dramatic change, and immediately my thoughts went to changing the wiki page. Thanks! - ht

2017-04-18 15:53:44   What are you looking for in a "cold soup" ? —JudithTruman