Yes, it's THAT HarrisonM from Davis. I'll put up more in a bit. 

Born and bred on the mean  quiet ​streets of the Richmond district, HarrisonM went through the path of Alamo Elementary School to Presidio Middle School to the oft-respected Lowell High School and did quite well for himself even though he drew cars all the time all over his class notes and NEVER paid attention. Now he's going to be a fourth-year mechanical engineer at UC Davis and is wishing he didn't do the former and did more of the latter. 

He has lived forever in the quiet district out by the ocean and promises to update that part of the city as much as possible. His dedication is mainly due to the fact that his mother is unable to drive too far out of the city, so most of his clothes were purchased from the Ross at Geary Mall and the shops at Stonestown  or Serramonte Mall. 

His cat says hi and requests that you leave an offering of fresh meat or tuna. 


Hello! --PhilipNeustrom