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2009-06-03 14:43:24   Why did you delete ARC Martial Arts Program? If there isn't a program anymore, it would be better to keep the entry but mark it departed and update it. —ElleWeber

2009-06-03 15:17:46   Changes to ARC Martial Arts Program? None - I only reverted the deletion. I wasn't sure what the intention was when you deleted it, although after seeing your other recent edits, I'm assuming that the program has moved to a different facility? I'd suggest that you simply add a note to the current entry saying that it has moved to a different location, so that other people aren't confused if they didn't know it moved; you could also rename it and include a note saying it used to be held at the ARC. Or I'm sure there are other ways of going about it; the main thing is not deleting entries just because the program/business/entity is gone but rather including a note saying they no longer exist in the same way, because it's helpful for historical reference. —ElleWeber

2009-06-03 15:32:57   Hello. I was wondering why you deleted the martial arts program page? Is it gone forever? even in cases like that, we usually put a 'departed business' flag on it, as opposed to deleting it. I'm gonna change it back for now, pending further information. —JoePomidor

2010-03-22 08:55:52   Hello, are you no longer an instructor for the Judo class at the ARC (their website says the class is instructed by Sensei David Hamaoka)? I am interested in taking it up and I would like more information about the program at the ARC. —hankim

2010-09-07 23:34:08   Hi Harry. You'll note that the comments you're removing from Davis Athletic Club have been restored a couple of times now. Removing negative comments from a business is widely frowned upon. Remember that wiki pages about a business are not owned by the business, but by the community at large. A far better way to address negative comments is to try to set things right. Respond to them, perform some good customer service, show that the business cares about its customers. Please see Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner for more information on how to edit constructively and within the nonprofit constraints of the wiki. —TomGarberson