I have lived in Davis since the 80's originally moving here as a disgruntled fifth grader with my parents and younger siblings. I left to go to college elsewhere, something I strongly recommend all Davis High graduates do, and came back later to marry and settle down. I work in Davis, as a "support facilitator" to a young woman in a wheelchair, and thus notice and advocate for accessibility issues. I am married to JasonAller but will in no means seek to match his wiki-gnoming abilities and escapades.


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2008-08-18 22:29:33   Welcome, Hazel! I'd pull up a chair, but this is a wiki, so instead I'll just drop a note of greetings. —JabberWokky

2008-10-11 02:40:27   I see you also frequent the Wiki =) See you at work! —EricaMacGregor