Hey It's My Yogurt!

This is HiMY SYeD. I came up with the idea for Torontopedia while reading The Starfish and The Spider with Karen Sun. Karen came up with the tagline The Torontonian Guide To Toronto. That was December 27, 2006, the official birthday of this wiki.

You are your url, and this is mine

Keep Smilin'

~ HiMY! ~


2007-02-20 16:10:09   Hey, I noticed you made three pages for Torontopedia on the wikispot hub. You can actually set up a redirecting page for the alternative names. Check out Help with Linking. —PhilipNeustrom

2007-02-20 21:25:57   Thanks Philip, still learning the ropes :-) thanks! —HiMY

2007-04-11 17:29:46   Hey HiMY, you should check out the new-style layout that davis is using on the front page. It's a lot simplier (specifically, the use of [[Include]] rather than [[IncludePages]]. There was a news post about this a little while ago) ! Feel free to delete this comment after reading! :) —PhilipNeustrom

2007-04-13 03:17:57   Okay, maybe I just was a jerk, but I added all the help pages to your editing deal, not to be pressumptive, but eh, I am trying to help. Anyway, good luck with the wiki, I will probably be by infrequently to gnome about. —DavidPoole

Thanks David, we'll take all the help we can get! —HiMY

2007-04-14 18:32:20   When I originally began this wiki, I used my first name 'HiMY' as my username for testing purposes. As we are asking everybody to use their Real Name as their Username, I gotta lead by example, eh? In short, username 'HiMY' is retired, and username 'HimySyed' is my new Torontopedia! identity. ;-) —HimySyed

hey himy! it's jasmin, mike's friend, i just wanted to share this link with you. i found it this morning in the toronto star